Our sci-fi & Fantasy Wood Burners and Fire Pits


Indulge your wild side and turn your garden or outdoor space into a world of aliens, dragons and all manner of otherworldly creatures, with our range of sci-fi and fantasy woodburners and fire pits. 

This spectacular range of fire pits and burners takes inspiration from such popular brands as the Alien and Predator franchises, as well as Lord of the Rings and of course the Timelord himself, Dr Who

Dragons are a creature that are made for the stunning visual of flames pouring from their mouth, and with the intricate detailing that our head craftsman Alex puts into each and every unit, you can be guaranteed that every garden party you host in the future will be held around these beautiful, handmade burners and fire pits. 

For a little something different, why not treat yourself to a magnificent ice bucket in the form of the Ice Dragon Viserion from the Game of Thrones series?

Each of our wood burners, fire pits and other bespoke sculpted products, is handmade to order with great attention to detail. Steel made, any of our designs can be personalised for that special touch. Our themed wood burners and fire pits are sure to bring the wow factor to any garden or outdoor space.

If you have no room outside but still want to boast some of these simply stunning fantasy-themed burners, why not enquire about our indoor bio ethanol range?

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