The Stargate Bio Ethanol Tabletop Burner

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Introducing our extraordinary Stargate Tabletop Bio Ethanol Burner, created by Alex Dodson from Burned by Design. Step into a realm where science fiction meets functional design with this captivating piece that transcends conventional home décor.


Crafted with precision and innovation, this bio ethanol burner channels the essence of cosmic exploration. Resembling the awe-inspiring alien wormhole from the popular Stargate franchise, it stands as a testament to the boundless imagination of the universe! Every detail, from its sleek silhouette to its mesmerising flame, evokes the mystique of interstellar travel.


Experience the thrill of igniting your imagination as you watch the flames dance within the burner's chamber, reminiscent of traversing through the unknown depths of space. Its compact size makes it perfect for adorning any tabletop, inviting intrigue and conversation wherever it's placed. Fabricated in mild steel, it features a 1Ltr Bio Ethanol Burner. Approximate dimensions. 40x40x40cm


Embrace the fusion of artistry and functionality as the Stargate Tabletop Bio Ethanol Burner effortlessly transforms your space into a hub of fascination. Whether as a centerpiece for intimate gatherings or a statement piece in your living room, it promises to ignite not only flames but also conversations about the wonders of the universe.


Indulge in the magic of exploration with the Tabletop Bio Ethanol Burner - The Stargate Edition. Unlock the gateway to a universe of imagination and wonder right in the comfort of your home. Worldwide shipping available from Burned by Design.


Also available as an Outdoor Fire Pit

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