We understand that not everybody has the garden or yard space in which to keep a high quality custom made fire pit. You may live in a flat or an apartment, or simply not have a garden, but it doesn't have to stop you getting your hands on one of our products. 


Most of the burners and fire pits we sell are perfectly safe to keep indoors, with the use of our Bioethanol Fire Boxes. Bioethanol fuel is a clean, safe and eco-friendly way of experiencing a real fire in your home. It is smokeless and does not emit fumes so you don't need a fireplace or chimney, and it does require tending to like a traditional fire would. 


If you're a fan of the truly outrageous then treat yourself to a Darth Vader Wood Burner or Iron Maiden Eddie Burner for inside your home and grab one of these Bioethanol fire boxes to light it up. 


These fire boxes are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and come supplied with a separate flame dampener and ceramic wool, which can help to give your fire an even burn. 


If you're not sure whether the Bioethanol fire box is suitable for the burner you have selected, then don't be afraid to drop us an email to or get in touch via the contact form. We'll be happy to provide you with everything you need to buy a custom made burner from Burned by Design. 



Contact us if you would like any further information 


or have a custom request for your own design...