HEAVY METAL & ROCK wood burners and fire pits


Welcome to our online store of heavy metal and music-related fire pits, wood burners, and other amazing handmade steel sculptures with a musical theme. 

Each of our wood burners and fire pits is handmade to order with great attention to detail. Steel made, any of our designs can be personalised for that special touch. Our rock music-themed wood burners and fire pits are guaranteed to bring the wow factor to any garden or outdoor space, especially amongst old school rockers.


If you have no room outside to enjoy these remarkable creations, then don't worry. We have a great range of indoor bio ethanol burners available, so get in touch for a quote


We are manufacturers of Official Motörhead Fire Pits, Wood Burners and other awesome handmade merchandise. 


After being kicked out of the band Hawkwind in 1975, for allegedly partaking in too much alcohol and too many drugs, Lemmy Kilmister went on to form one of the most revered, noisy and dirty rock bands the world has ever seen: Motörhead.


The band wrote and recorded some of the most iconic rock songs, from Ace of Spades to Orgasmatron and Killed by Death, before Lemmy's sad death in 2015. 


The band's logo is unmistakeable, with the fearsome Snaggletooth character at the centre of many of their album covers and merch. We are delighted that in 2022, we secured the license to make and sell official Motörhead products, which centre around that snarling character. 

We are manufacturers and sellers of Official Iron Maiden Fire Pits, Wood Burners and other unique products. 


Formed by talented bassist and songwriter Steve Harris around the same time as Motörhead, the Bruce Dickinson-fronted Iron Maiden are one of the most iconic and influential rock bands of all time. 


With massive hits such as Run to the Hills, The Number of the Beast and Aces High, the band have had a long and sustained career. 


Ask anybody to describe the art of Iron Maiden, and one of the first things they will say is Eddie. The band's mascot appears on everything that they do, from album art to posters, to clothing. The snarling zombie-like creation works like a dream when turned into fire pits, wood burners, and ice buckets

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