The Motörhead Fire Stoker

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Are you ready to infuse your fire pit or fireplace with the unbridled energy and rock spirit of Motörhead? Look no further than our handcrafted Motörhead Fire Stoker, a true masterpiece that captures the essence of this legendary band. Introducing our Motorhead Fire Stoker: Ignite the Flames with Iconic Power!





Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Motörhead Fire Stoker is approximately 80cm in length, making it the perfect companion for your firepit, fireplace or wood-burning stove. The iconic Motorhead Iron Cross featured on the hilt not only exudes a sense of rebellion and strength but also provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to wield it with precision as you tend to your roaring flames.


The unmistakable emblem of Motörhead’s "Ace of Spades" forms the stoker end. With each flick of the wrist, you'll be channelling the band's unmistakable energy, revving up the fire and creating a blaze that's impossible to ignore. The "Ace of Spades" symbolise your commitment to playing life by your own rules and embracing the unapologetic spirit of rock.





As you grasp the handle, the words " Motörhead" and "Raise Hell" greet you in the iconic Motörhead font. These words serve as a constant reminder to embrace your inner rebel and unleash your wild side whenever you stoke those flames.


Whether you're a die-hard Motörhead fan, a lover of unique craftsmanship, or simply someone who craves the extraordinary, the Motorhead Fire Stoker is the ultimate addition to your home. It's not just a tool; it's a statement, a piece of art that brings the power of music, attitude, and fire into your living space. Worldwide shipping is available on all our products.


Experience the thrill of taming fire with the Motörhead Fire Stoker. Embrace the spirit of Lemmy, Eddie, and Phil as you ignite your flames and raise hell in style. Get ready to rock your fireplace like never before!