The Hammer of Thor Wood Burner

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Functional Artistry


Introducing the epitome of Norse mythology and functional artistry: The Hammer of Thor Wood Burner. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by skilled artisan Alex Dodson from Burned By Design, this wood burner is more than just a heating appliance; it's a symbol of power, strength, and craftsmanship.


Inspired by Mjölnir, the legendary hammer wielded by the Norse god Thor, The Hammer of Thor Wood Burner is a striking representation of mythical lore brought to life. Fabricated in high-quality mild steel, every curve and detail of the hammer is expertly detailed, from the intricately designed handle to the imposing head adorned with Norse symbols.


Unique heating solution


Not only does The Hammer of Thor Wood Burner serve as a functional heating solution, but it also doubles as a mesmerising piece of art. Whether positioned in your living room, outdoor space, cabin retreat or man cave, it becomes an instant focal point, commanding attention and igniting conversation for all those who lay eyes on it. Approximate dimensions for the Hammer Head Fire Box @ 58x38x32cm, with an overall height of 120cm. Base @ 50cm.


With its sturdy construction and durable materials, this wood burner is built to withstand the test of time, providing warmth and ambiance for years to come. Its efficient design ensures optimal heat distribution, making it ideal for cozy nights by the fire or gatherings with friends and family.


Embrace the spirit of the Norse gods and add a touch of mythic grandeur to your space with The Hammer of Thor Wood Burner. Let its flames reignite tales of ancient legends and imbue your surroundings with a sense of majesty and wonder.


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