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Introducing The Goonies Fire Globe!

Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure right in your own back garden? Look no further than this extraordinary Goonies Fire Globe Fire Pit, meticulously crafted by the talented artisan, Alex Dodson. Inspired by the beloved 80s classic film, "The Goonies," this Fire Pit is not just a piece of outdoor decor; it's a nostalgic journey into the heart of adventure and friendship.

Crafted with precision and passion, The Goonies Fire Globe is fabricated from durable mild steel ensuring it stands the test of time, just like your favourite Goonies' adventures! The 56cm hemispheres come together to create a captivating globe shape, perfect for providing warmth and ambiance during those cool evenings or for turning any gathering into a thrilling treasure hunt.


Here's what makes this Goonies-themed fire globe fire pit truly special:

1. Exquisite Design:

Alex Dodson's attention to detail is second to none. The fire pit features meticulously laser-cut and hand-finished designs that pay homage to the Goonies gang, complete with iconic elements like the One-Eyed Willy pirate ship and the famous skull insignia.

2. Durability: Crafted from high-quality mild steel, this fire globe fire pit is built to withstand the elements, ensuring that your outdoor adventures continue year after year.

3. Functional Art: Not only does this fire pit serve as a source of warmth and comfort, but it also doubles as a stunning piece of functional art that will be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

4. Unique Conversational Piece: Whether you're a die-hard Goonies fan or simply appreciate exceptional craftsmanship, this fire pit will spark conversations and create lasting memories with family and friends.

Imagine gathering around this captivating fire pit, sharing stories and laughs, just like Mikey, Brand and the rest of the Goonies crew. It's not just a fire pit; it's a tribute to a timeless adventure and a symbol of the enduring spirit of friendship.



Get ready to turn your outdoor space into a treasure trove of memories with the Goonies Themed Fire Globe Fire Pit by Alex Dodson from Burned by Design. Order yours today and prepare for a summer of excitement, warmth, and endless nostalgia. Worldwide shipping available on all our products. Contact today to discuss your requirements.