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Introducing our magnificent Metallic Stag's Head Sculpture – an exquisite fusion of artistry and industrial design brought to life by the creative mind of Alex Dodson at Burned by Design. Crafted meticulously from robust steel, this remarkable piece transforms industrial reinforcement bar and heavy-duty chain into a captivating masterpiece that commands attention.





With unparalleled attention to detail, Alex has sculpted each curve and contour, infusing life into the rigid strength of steel. The result is a breathtaking representation of a stag's head, its majestic antlers reaching outwards in a display of grace and power. The juxtaposition of industrial materials and artistic finesse creates a truly unique aesthetic that effortlessly bridges the gap between raw ruggedness and refined elegance.


Designed to captivate and inspire, this magnificent Metallic Stag's Head Sculpture is more than just a mere ornament – it's a statement piece that transcends boundaries. Whether proudly displayed within the confines of your interior space or boldly showcased outdoors, it commands attention and evokes conversation. The play of light and shadow on its textured surface adds an extra layer of intrigue, making it a true work of art that evolves with the changing hours of the day.





Elevate your decor with a touch of industrial-chic sophistication. Make a statement, spark conversations and infuse your surroundings with a blend of creativity and strength. The Magnificent Metallic Stag's Head by Alex is more than a mere decoration; it's a testament to the fusion of imagination and craftsmanship, an emblem of bold design that transforms any space into a realm of wonder. This Metallic Stag's Head Sculpture is bound to create a stunning focal point to any interior or exterior space! Approximate dimensions 80cm x 70cm x 20cm.


Embrace the extraordinary. Elevate your space. Make a statement. Get the Magnificent Metallic Stag's Head today and experience the seamless union of industrial prowess and artistic ingenuity. Worldwide shipping available on all our products.