The Scary Scarecrow Wood Burner

If you're looking for a unique and terrifying addition to your fire pit, look no further than Burned by Design's bespoke wood burners. Alex, the creative genius behind our brand, recently received a request from an American client named Briget for an epic and scary scarecrow wood burner. And let's just say, he delivered beyond expectations. 

Let's be honest, the 'SCARY' brief fitted Alex's style perfectly.


The Making of a Scary Scarecrow Wood Burner

Alex got to work on creating the perfect scarecrow wood burner for Briget. He paid attention to every detail, ensuring that the wood burner was not only functional but also a work of art. From the crooked teeth to the stitched face and threads on the mouth, every aspect of the wood burner exuded fear.


Our team was blown away by the final product. We even think it might give our Freddy Krueger wood burner a run for its money in the fearsome stakes.


Why Choose a Bespoke Wood Burner?

There's nothing quite like a bespoke wood burner to add character and personality to your fire pit. Burned by Design specialises in creating unique and customised wood burners that reflect your personal taste and style.

With a bespoke wood burner, you're not limited to standard designs or sizes. You can work with our team to create a wood burner that is tailor-made for your fire pit. Whether you want something scary like Briget's scarecrow wood burner or something more whimsical, the possibilities are endless.


Follow the link below to a short video to see the scarecrow in action, there is some serious scare going in this guy.


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