Terminator Fire Pit

Terminator 2 T-800 Bio Ethanol Fire Pit

Meet the latest addition to the Burned by Design collection of custom built fire pits!

What can I say, this build was EPIC!! Approached by our client with a T-800 Terminator chalice...the gaunlet was laid!!
As the fabrication date edged closer...the T-800 chalice has etched itself in Alex's brain...joining him for breakfast on more than one occasion.

5 solid days of blood, sweat and tears in the workshop saw this custom design come to life before our eyes! This custom fire pit was handcrafted from LPG cylinders, flexi tap connectors and red cut glass for the eyes to really bring the T-800 to life! Hasta la vista baby!

We have some great new designs programmed in to the fabrication list over the coming weeks....why not contact us about your own bespoke Bio Ethanol fire or Wood Burner....The only limit is your imagination...


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