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Multi-Purpose R2-D2 Burner

We are always looking for news ways to bring the worlds favourite droid to life.


Alex has been dreaming of giving our R2-D2 themed burner a more movie-like overhaul, and the start of 2019 saw this dream brought to reality perfectly, and we can now introduce our brand new multi-purpose R2D2 steel fabrication, available to buy from Burned by Design. 



The flat-domed top of the LPG cylinder has been replaced with a pre-fabricated spun steel hemisphere. Then, with some time out of the workshop to work on the computer 2D design programme, Alex has detailed the profiles of this little droid perfectly. 

They are then sent to our friends over at Premier Enginerring to have them precision laser-cut. Combing the work on 2D design with the laser cutting allows for the finest of details that would not be possible with the plasma cutter. 

If you think it's done there, then you're wrong. It's also been tied together wonderfully with a flash of blue Ultra High Temperature paint before being treated all over with the clear lacquer.  


The R2D2 unit is perfectly suitable for use as an outdoor wood burner or indoor Bio-Ethanol burner, but then check this out. It can become the coolest drinks cabinet you have ever seen. Large enough to hold six bottles and two glasses, there's nobody that won't be stunned to see your investment.


There are also R2-D2 themed fire stokers available, to give you the complete set featuring the world's favourite droid. 


The only limit is your imagination, why not get in touch and see where we can take yours ideas?



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