The Jaws Fire Pit...You're going to need a bigger boat

Jaws-themed Custom Made Fire Pit

You're gonna need a bigger boat! Introducing a long-awaited vision brought to life in the form of a Jaws-themed fire pit. Our blog looks at the fire pit's different stages of being produced with some shots of it in action. 

Brief: Create a Jaws-themed Fire Pit 

Excitement Level: 10


Our own Lynsey had this to say about the Jaws Fire Pit. 

"This is one of our favourite recent custom made fire pits. I have been working with Alex for almost three years now. Initially, I was brought in to help with customer enquiries and I remember somebody getting in touch to offer some suggestions in the early days. They asked if we had ever thought about creating a Jaws-themed wood burner. It was an amazing idea, and something we have all been looking forward to bringing to life, and finally this summer we got the enquiry that became a full project. Alex has been waiting for this for quite some time and we are delighted with how it turned out!"



About the Fire Pit


This is a two-part fire pit; the 'Jaws' shark outer body cover in that famous surging up movement from the Jaws movie posters. You can almost see the swimmer above his intricately fabricated head. With the shark's head removed, it reveals the internal dished fire pit that pays the perfect homage to the original Jaws movie with that famous line - You're going to need a bigger boat.


Once the fire is built and in our client's home and garden, they will gain easy access to the fire through the mouth of the shark, and the up-facing body casing will store heat brilliantly to create a huge radiator from the fire inside it. 


This two part design is intended to make it easy to build the fire pit upon delivery, and also for ease of access when removing any leftover debris. 


Check out the links below to see this beast in action....


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