Bunnies in the Garden Fire Globe

The custom-made fire globe we are highlighting here was created on the request of a groom who wanted a stunning. surprise wedding gift. He wanted a design that featured rabbits and butterflies. Alex took on the challenge and created a unique and stunning piece of art that we've called Bunnies in the Garden.



The fire pit is formed from 500mm hemispheres and is precision-cut from 3-4mm steel profiles. The design features 3D vines and leaves that grow up from the fire pit's base and into the fire globe. The fire pit is finished in high temperature clear lacquer, ensuring its durability and longevity.


The Benefits of a Custom Made Fire Pit


A custom-made fire pit is not only a stunning piece of art, but it also provides many benefits. Here are just a few reasons why a custom-made fire pit should be at the top of your wish list, no matter what the occasion:


Personalisation - A custom-made fire pit can be tailored to your specifications, ensuring that it is unique and fits your style.


Versatility - A fire pit can be used for entertaining guests or for a quiet night under the stars. It is a perfect addition to any garden, backyard, or patio.

Durability - A custom-made fire pit is built to last, ensuring that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Warmth - A fire pit provides warmth and light, creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion.


If you are looking for a unique and personalised wedding gift or just want to add a stunning piece of art to your garden, look no further than a custom-made fire pit from Burned by Design. With its versatility, durability, and customisation options, it is the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

Whether you want a design featuring rabbits and butterflies like the beautiful piece we created for this client, or have some weird and wonderful ideas of your own, a custom-made fire pit can be tailored to your specifications. Contact Burned by Design today to get us started on creating your own fire pit now.


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