"Affirmative, AT-ST support is on the way."

We have a new favourite burner over here at Burned by Design.


We were contacted by our client back in June who asked - "Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a wood burner custom-made in the shape of an ATST from Star Wars please?"


Alex almost wet his pants with excitement and the challenge was on.



Although Alex is general movie buff anyway, Star Wars is where his love for epic movies and characters all began. The Darth Vader burner was what kicked off Burned by Design to become the brand it is now. So, any request for any Star Wars characters is always a little extra personal win for our intrepid leader. 


Although the build only got underway in full last week, Alex has been working on this for months. You'd be amazed at the number of times I (Lynsey) arrived at work to hear that Alex had been dreaming about it.


The job started with a couple of days on the computer, drawing up the file for the laser cutters. Think about the most epic piece of flat pack furniture you have ever made (or given up on), and then check this guy out. Alex had not been able to resist a little play in between projects, but his ability to visualise and turn the 2D in to 3D is phenomenal.


These jobs are what make all of the hard work and dedication worth the effort. You can't buy the love and sheer passion that goes in to these creations. 


Now this blog-writer may be a biased Star Wars fan by default, but this is not just a wood burner, it truly is a work of art. Although Vader will always have a special place in all of our hearts, this AT-ST Wood Burner is a whole other level of spectacular. 


If you have a favourite film character, pop culture icon, or indeed anything else that you love, then why not get in touch to discuss it with our team to see exactly how far you can push our Alex and his unbelievable skills. 

The only limit is your imagination. Get in touch now


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