Freddy Krueger Wood Burner

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If you're a fan of horror movies, particularly the iconic Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, then prepare yourself for the ultimate backyard accessory that will send shivers down your spine. Introducing the Freddy Krueger Wood Burning Fire Pit, a stunning piece of artistry that brings the infamous Springwood Slasher right to your own backyard. Handmade to order by the talented Alex Dodson of Burned by Design, this steel fire pit is a must-have for any horror enthusiast.


The Nightmare Unleashed: A Fiery Tribute to Freddy Krueger

Step into the realm of nightmares as you gaze upon the Freddy Krueger Wood Burning Fire Pit. This unique creation captures the essence of the terrifying character with remarkable attention to detail. With a burned-up face, a tattered fedora, and the menacing glove adorned with knives, this fire pit is a chilling reminder of Freddy's reign of terror. As the flames dance within the steel burner, it evokes the eerie ambiance of Freddy's infamous boiler room, where the nightmares of Elm Street children were born.


Handcrafted to Perfection: The Artistry Behind the Burn

Each Freddy Krueger Wood Burning Fire Pit is meticulously crafted by the skilled hands of Alex Dodson. With a passion for blending art and functionality, Dodson pours his expertise into every piece he creates. The attention to detail is nothing short of remarkable, with every scar, wrinkle, and blade carefully sculpted to bring Freddy to life. Rest assured, this is not just a fire pit; it's a work of art that will ignite conversations and captivate all who lay eyes upon it.


Outdoor Wood Burner or Indoor Bioethanol Burner

Whether you're planning a spooky Halloween gathering or simply want to add a touch of horror to your backyard, the Freddy Krueger Wood Burning Fire Pit is the perfect addition. With the option to choose between an outdoor wood burner or an indoor bioethanol burner, you can create the ultimate atmosphere of terror anywhere you desire. Imagine the flickering flames casting an eerie glow as you gather around with friends and family, sharing spine-chilling tales on a crisp autumn night.


Dimensions and Shipping: Bringing Freddy to Your Doorstep


If you're a true horror aficionado and want to expand your collection of menacing pop culture fire pits, Burned by Design has a treat for you. Alongside the Freddy Krueger Wood Burning Fire Pit, you can also find fire pits inspired by other iconic figures. From the terrifying Predator to the dark lord himself, Darth Vader, these fire pits will add an extra level of intrigue and horror to your outdoor space.

Dimensions approx 48 x 48 x 85cm