Custom Made Sports-Themed Fire Globe

At Burned by Design, we specialise in creating custom-made fireball globe firepits that are tailored to our clients' individual tastes and preferences. For one of our recent clients, those individual tastes required that we fabricate a beautiful piece that features the crests of two West Yorkshire sports teams, Leeds United FC and Featherstone Rovers RLFC.


The Inspiration Behind the Design

Our client approached us with a request to create a fireball globe firepit that combined and reflected their love for Leeds United FC and Featherstone Rovers. They wanted a timeless piece that incorporated various versions of the Leeds United badges from over the years, while also featuring references to Featherstone, to highlight their love of sports teams that represent the White Rose.

Our team of skilled craftsmen, led by Alex Dodson, took on the challenge and began working on the design. Using laser-cutting technology, we created a stunning piece that perfectly reflects the passions of our customer.


The Making of the Fireball Globe Firepit

To create this custom-made fireball globe firepit, we started with 560mm hemispheres of 3-4mm mild steel. We then used our laser-cutting technology to create intricate designs that featured references to Leeds United and Featherstone Rovers.

Once the designs were complete, we began the process of welding the two hemispheres together, carefully ensuring that the crests and badges were perfectly aligned. We then applied a high-temperature clear lacquer finish that not only protects the steel but also gives it a beautiful shine.

What makes this fireball globe firepit unique is that it has been made to work with a bioethanol burner, which means that it's suitable for indoor use. This makes it a perfect addition to any home space.


Customisation Options

At Burned by Design, we understand that every client is unique, and that's why we offer a wide range of customisation options. Whether you want to showcase your favorite sports team, movie, or hobby, we can create a fireball globe firepit that perfectly reflects your personality and interests.

Our fireball globes can be fully customised to your requirements and are available in a variety of sizes. We can deliver to any address in the world, so contact our team for a bespoke quotation for a fireball globe firepit, delivered right to your door.



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