BIO fLAME @ Burned by design

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Or looking for a greener alternative?

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Any of our designs can be re-configured for use with clean burning Bio-Ethanol fuel. The burner of your choice will be supplied with one of our Stainless Steel Fireboxes and internal frame work to hold the Firebox in place. 

The Firebox is supplied with a ceramic wool insert that helps regulate the way the fuel burns, providing a nice even flame from your Bio-Ethanol Fuel

Ideal for use indoors, simply insert one of our Stainless Steel Fireboxes to convert your chosen outdoor wood burner in to an indoor fire feature. 

Bio Ethanol is a clean burning fuel with no mess and can be used almost anywhere indoors, it requires no flue or chimney and is made from sustainable resources. 

If you would like an further information on the Bio Flame, please email us with your design choice and we will get back to you with details of the best size of Firebox for your burner of choice. 

All of our creations are designed and fabricated by Burned by Design Ltd here in the UK. There is a lead time for each project so if you need something for a special event 

or occasion please let us know in plenty of time so we can meet your deadline.





Contact us if you would like any further information 

or have a custom request for your own design...