The Jaws Fire Pit...You're going to need a bigger boat

So this finally happened....

The Jaws Fire Pit...You're going to need a bigger boat!!!? 

I have been working with Alex for almost three years now...initially I was brought in to help with customer enquiries and I remember....'have you ever thought of doing a Jaws themed burner'... being one of the early enquiries! 

Finally this summer...we got the enquiry that turned in to a project!!! Alex has been waiting for this for quite some time and we are delighted with how it turned out!! 

This is a too part fire pit, the 'Jaws' outer body cover with an internal dished fire pit ...which pays special homage to the original Jaws movie. 

Once the fire is built, you can gain easy access to the fire through the 'Jaws' and the body casing will create a great radiator for the heat from the fire. 

This two part design provides easy access for building the fire but also removing any leftover debris. 

Check out the links below to see this beast in action....

The only limit is your imagination... what would your 'Custom' design request be? 


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