Themed wood burner; Sparta; Spartan; Historical Legend; Custom fire pit; Log Burner; Wood Burner


This is SPARTA!! Inspired by the helmet worn by the legend that is Warrior King Leonidas of Sparta, in the film '300'

It's been a little while since one of our Spartan inspired wood burners marched through the workshop...but he made it unscathed! 

Our outdoor fire pits or indoor bio ethanol burners are all handmade to order and can create the perfect centrepiece to your living space! 

Who is your favourite historical legend? Or Super Hero...why not contact us about immortalising your legend or hero is blood, sweat and metal? 

'SPARTANS! Prepare for battle! For tonight....we dine in HELL!!!' 

Who will you choose???....Happy Burning! 


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